Monday, September 3, 2012


We have had the blessing of getting to know Ramona. She cuts our hair and puts up with our bad German.
Ramona has attended several of the Rock Berlin functions and has gotten to know a few in the church. She listens politely when we share our faith with her.
She is also pregnant with her first child. We hope you will join us in praying for Ramona.

The dog belongs to Ramona:)

German artist at a shopping mall

Here is something we really enjoyed as we walked around Berlin on our anniversary, July 18.
This is the work of an artist who paints his hands.
We hope you enjoy his work.

That is it! Hope you enjoyed the show:)

Visitors from Linworth Rd. Church

We are always blessed when we have visitors from the states. Recently a couple from our sending church in Columbus, Ohio came to visit. Peter and Heidi Kresge were visiting family and had some time to meet with us.
They were an encouragement as we chatted about Linworth Rd. Church and Rock Berlin. And, of course, we made sure they sampled the local dessert offerings.
We also introduced them to the trampolines in the ground at some of the parks.
The best part was taking time to pray together. Prayer binds by the Holy Spirit. Wonderful!

House Church Challenges

 The home of co-pastor John Goering and family has had many problems. A big one was a leak in the main water line. The family was forced to take a 10-day vacation while repairs were made. The house church then met at another apartment for two meetings. It was a great time!

We had visitors from Jews for Jesus, who were doing street evangelism for two weeks in July.
They shared a bit of their ministry stories with us.

English Conversation Group

One of our ministry activities is English Conversation Group. We meet twice a month at a local cafe with Germans who want to improve their English. Lucy suggested we play word games and this has been a lot of fun. We match up a native English speaker with a German and watch what happens. The game shown here is Bananagram. Each team picks 21 tiles and starts creating words. Sometimes at the end, we try to develop a story using the words we just created.
This activity has been great in giving us opportunities to develop relationships and then to be open to share our faith.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Awaken 2011

Between Christmas and New Years, Dec. 27-30, Great Commission Europe staged the bi-annual Awaken Conference in Pescara, Italy. Over 100 people came together from six European countries. The theme was Knowing God's Will for Your Life and Pastor John Goering was one of the four main speakers. Eight RBers attended the event and were blessed by the content and the fellowship. It is such a blessing for Lucy and I to meet with missionaries who have been in the field for many years and share the benefits of their experiences. We hear many stories of God's faithfulness.

It didn't hurt either that the weather was warmer here than in Berlin and we actually saw some sunshine, which we don't see much of in Berlin. The hotel was right on the Adriatic Sea, very beautiful.

Irish Dancing in Berlin

One of the RBers, Anja, who comes from the Ukraine, is part of an Irish dance group. Lucy was able to attend one of the performances and loved it. Berlin is such an international city. Lucy invited Karin who is the mother of Alex (one of our Rock Berliner's).